About Us

Welcome to Queens Football League (QFL) shop– a place dedicated to the best football merchandise for the best female football teams of The Netherlands.
We are changing the stereotype that women can’t play football giving ladies a chance to enjoy the sports that were once male-dominated 

Who are we?

Queens League Football was a dream that became a reality in 2017. A dream that one day, women will adorn shoulderpads and helmets to play the game of football just like their male counterparts.
And after the first team came to life, the Amsterdam Cats, we have continued to pursue the dream and today, we have a female football league that is giving young girls the confidence to pursue a hobby in a passionate sport like football. 

The QFL Store

The QFL store is a mechanized store that aims to sell the merchandise of our female football league. Currently, we have 7 teams in The Netherlands. 
All these teams are individual members that represent what we stand for, and how we have over the years install in our girls to build confidence in them. 

Why we started the store?

As our teams continued to grow, we have garnered the attention of lots of people who support our girls in more ways than one. They have also requested we have a store where they can purchase their favorite team merchandise and offer their full support during match time and away from the pitch like during training and events related to the league.
The money goes to improving the team and bridging the gaps and lapses that are hindering us and the girls from achieving their dreams of footballers. 

Our Goal

The goal of starting the league was to give a voice to the girls in the community and a sense of belonging. The brand is also to make their voices loud enough in society. To bring out to you what you are proud to represent and wear with pride in our community.
Furthermore, making merchandise for others than the team members was to market our brand, idea, and passion for female football to the world at large and to give other people the motivation to bring into reality their dream to make changes in their communities, just as we did.
Are you ready to be part of our teams? Visit our online store and pick a anything that supports your team! 


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